[Answer] What team did Babe Ruth retire from?

Introduction to the question “What team did Babe Ruth retire from?”

  1. Boston Red Sox
  2. New York Yankees
  3. Boston Braves
  4. Baltimore Orioles
The correct answer to this quiz is Boston Braves.

Source: Baseball Hall of Fame

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Answer to the question “What team did Babe Ruth retire from?

Babe Ruth may have made his name with the Red Sox and the Yankees, but he didn’t finish his career with either team. Although he went back to Boston after leaving the Bronx Bombers, it was to play for the city’s National League team, the Boston Braves. But let’s back up a little. Ruth made his Major League debut with the Red Sox in 1914, when he was 19 years old. He was good, but he would get a lot better. Like a lot of other professional athletes, he hit his peak when he was in his mid-20s — right around the time he was sent to the Yankees in 1920 for what was then an unprecedented amount (around $100,000 in cash, according to the Baseball Hall of Fame).

Fortunately for the Yankees — and unfortunately for the Red Sox — Ruth’s best days were still ahead of him. Over the next 15 seasons, he more than earned his pinstripes, racking up 659 home runs, more than 1,900 RBI, seven American League pennants, and four World Series titles. By 1934, though, his abilities had started to wane. After the Yankees released him in early 1935, he immediately signed with the Braves — but his time with them would be short-lived. Ruth played just a partial season with the Braves, ultimately deciding to hang up his hat (and bat) for good in May 1935. He was inducted as one of the first five players in the Baseball of Fame the very next year, and the Yankees retired his number in 1948.

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