[Answer] What is the English translation of “feng shui”?

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Introduction to the question “What is the English translation of “feng shui”?”

  1. Mirror arrow
  2. Wind water
  3. Harmony balance
  4. Serpent lotus
The correct answer to this quiz is Wind water.

Source: Camphor Press

Answer to the question “What is the English translation of “feng shui”?

The Chinese art of feng shui is a way to create harmony with our physical environment by positioning things within it to improve the flow of energy. Most of us have heard about using feng shui to arrange (or rearrange) furniture, but dive deep into the practice and you’ll find that there’s more to it than just where you place your mirrors or what colors you use. Translated literally, the expression itself means “wind water” in Chinese. Why those elements?

Well, feng shui is meant to help people align with nature by harnessing or tapping into qi (pronounced “chee”), an invisible but vital life force. Wind and water carry qi, so understanding their flow and energy — both inside and outside your space — is an important part of feng shui. And it’s not just about your decor or the layout of your home, either. The principles of feng shui have been used for plotting out grave sites, businesses, and even entire cities, all with the aim of balancing yin and yang to create a more harmonious relationship between a place and its inhabitants.

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