[Answer] What type of dog was Marmaduke?

Introduction to the question “What type of dog was Marmaduke?”

  1. St. Bernard
  2. German Shepherd
  3. Great Dane
  4. Labrador Retriever
The correct answer to this quiz is Great Dane.

Source: The Washington Post

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Answer to the question “What type of dog was Marmaduke?

In 1954, cartoonist Brad Anderson debuted “Marmaduke,” a comic strip about the Winslow family and their troublemaking Great Dane. The massive dog became famous, and even beloved, for his clumsiness and general hijinks, which included stealing food, knocking down things (and people!), and wreaking unintentional havoc around the neighborhood. According to the Washington Post, Anderson’s original inspiration for the canine was his mother’s pet, a boxer, but he wanted Marmaduke to be bigger. “I wanted a dog that doesn’t know it’s a big dog, because big dogs don’t realize how large they are.

They want to sit in your lap,” he told the Dallas Morning News in 1999. (In fact, that was a recurring joke throughout the comic’s run.) Anderson passed away in 2015, but Marmaduke lives on in syndicated strips, and in the 2010 live-action movie featuring Owen Wilson. He isn’t the only famous Great Dane, though — Scooby Doo is the same breed!

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